Tribal Members

The generations of Tigua tribal members who comprise our workforce represent the healthy continuation of Ysleta del Sur  Pueblo’s legacy as Tigua Nation-builders – improving the tribe’s quality of life, collectively and individually. At Tigua Inc.,  we meet our greatest potential when they can look toward their futures feeling empowered and confident. We thank our  tribal member employees for contributing their talents and passion to our collective mission of providing dividends for the  preservation and advancement of their very own Tigua community.

The right is reserved under provisions PL 93-638 Section (b), (f), (g), (i), 20 USD450 Indian Self Determination and  Education Assistance Act of 1974 to give PREFERENCE AND OPPORTUNITY for employment, training, and contracts to  Indians.

Tribal Members

David G.

Operations Assistant David G.

“I started off with Tigua Inc. in 2021 as an intern. While I am currently the Operations Assistant, I am also pursuing my degree in Civil Engineering. I am hoping that I can grow more with the company and learn as much as I can and bring in new ideas to the company. I want to see Tigua Inc. grow and prosper into new horizons so that more opportunities can be provided to the Pueblo.”

Jacob G.

Quality and Safety Manager Jacob G.

“Throughout my nine years at Tigua Inc., I have seen a lot of great changes and promising growth, not only within the company but also within myself. Tigua Inc.’s leadership is very supportive and encourages us all to become the best version of ourselves. Being a tribal member, I take additional pride in coming to work everyday knowing that I am working for my family, my Pueblo, and the future of my people.”

Myshele S.

CMMS Call Center Manager Myshele S.

“In 2009, I began my journey Tigua Inc. as a cashier at Tigua Smoke Shop. In 2019, I was given the opportunity to develop the CMMS Maximo System from the ground up. I am grateful that leadership has provided their trust and support from day one. It has been extremely fulfilling to be able to develop my career and see the CMMS System succeed. There is no greater reward, and I am humbled in knowing I serve my tribal community.”


Contract Administrator CJ S.

“I started at Tigua Inc. as an intern in 2018, and my career growth has reaffirmed that you can achieve your goals if you put your mind to it. I’m motivated every day in my role to support Tigua Inc.’s mission of providing dividends for the advancement of our tribal community.”

Samantha S.

Human Resources Specialist Samantha S.

“It has been encouraging to see Tigua Inc. grow since I started in 2019 and I’m excited about our future. I’m currently majoring in Business Management with a concentration in professional human resources to continue growing in my career. I’m grateful to have grown up feeling connected to the Pueblo, and am grateful to work for my tribal community.”

Valerie A.

Receptionist Valerie A.

“It has been a great experience working at Tigua Inc. I started in 2021 and am very excited about our future. I’ve been given the opportunity to greet all of our visitors and be the first face they see when they come to Tigua Inc. It’s a great reward to be working for my tribe. Every day, I come to the office driven to make Tigua Inc. a positive place to work.”

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